We work to empower people in prison to drive positive change.


We exist to transform imprisonment across Africa, modelling a human rights, rehabilitative approach — working from the inside out.


Our mission is outworked across four key areas...


Equipping senior leaders with formal education, legal training and exposure to global best practice to ensure that prisoners’ rights are upheld – and that everyone is entitled to a fair and speedy trial, with the facility to access bail and appeal against unjust circumstances.

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Access to Health

Promoting the health and physical wellbeing of women, men and children in prisons through increased access to essential health services.

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Introducing basic skills and creative and vocational training to encourage prisoners to use their time to prepare for release, resettlement and employment.

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Access to Justice

Ensuring that the rule of law, human rights and equal access to justice is promoted, respected and fulfilled across prison communities.

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Watch APP in Rebel Education 

A six-part documentary series looking at innovative learning models that are challenging the dominant ideas of education – particularly in challenging environments.

Episode five followed APP into Kenyan prisons to see how we're transforming the lives of prisoners through our education and leadership programmes.