Access to Justice

What we do

Ensuring that the rule of law, human rights and equal access to justice is promoted, respected and fulfilled across prison communities.

How we do it

Human rights training: In-house training to prisoners and prison staff to become Prison Human Rights Advocates and Peer Educators. This means that they can then provide simple, accessible information about the court process to those in need.

Systemic education: Imprisonment comes at the end of a long chain of decisions that involves legislators, policy makers, the police, prosecutors and courts. The justice system therefore has to be seen as a whole. That’s why we create opportunities for officials to visit prisons and see first-hand the transformation that is possible behind bars. We also provide platforms and forums for officials to discuss challenges that affect access to justice – supporting them in fostering a human rights culture across prison communities.

The way APP has been operating in this area should be emulated across Uganda where they need the services that APP is providing.

It has been very successful in ensuring that people access justice and that the prisoners, and their rights, are respected.
— Honourable Justice Dr. Winfred Nabisinde, Uganda