APP were honoured to be celebrating Luzira Prison's first-ever TEDx conference and Graduation Thanksgiving.


TEDxLuziraPrison was a groundbreaking event, highlighting how access to justice initiatives can turn prisons into places of positive transformation.

Great leaders such as Nelson Mandela, Ghandi and Martin Luther King were imprisoned during their lives and, inspired by their vision, this event provided a platform to prisoners, prison staff, criminal justice activists and human rights advocates, enabling them to present ideas, demonstrate learning and highlight transformation, under the theme ‘UNLOCKING JUSTICE’.

We had 9 fantastic speakers and performers lined up from across the world. 

Graduation Thanksgiving

The Uganda Prison Service (UPS), in partnership with African Prisons Project (APP), were proud to be hosting a Graduation Thanksgiving Service, celebrating the graduation of 3 gifted APP students passing their University of London (UoL) Undergraduate Law Degrees (LLB) by correspondence, the 3 LLB graduates who we recognised and celebrating were; Susan Kigula, Pascal Kakuru and Moses Ekwam.

Our day of celebrations brought together some of the world's most influential judicial changemakers, to share best practice, experience and their personal knowledge on navigating a progressively changing judicial landscape. 



Moses Ekwam

Lawyer, Law Graduate

Moses Ekwam was a private in the Ugandan Army from Eastern Uganda who was sentenced to a term of 5-years at Luzira Prison (Boma). Whilst there, he completed his University of London Diploma in the Common Law and then commenced his LLB Degree. 4 years and 11 months into his sentence Moses' conviction was overturned and he was released. He was re-admitted into the army and posted to the Oliver Tambo School of leadership whilst he continued his legal studies. He achieved his LLB Degree and was promoted to the rank of 2nd Lieutenant and transferred to the army's legal services wing where he now serves as a military prosecutor.


Susan Kigula, APP ambassador

Death Penalty Fighter, Law Graduate

Susan Kigula entered Luzira Women’s Prison at the age of 21, in 2000. After participating in African Prison Project’s (APP) Leadership Programme she took the opportunity to study Law, via the University of London (UoL) International Programme.

Susan was the first female inmate to study and graduate with a Diploma in Common Law, followed by a Law Degree (LLB). In 2009 she led a death penalty petition, in the Ugandan Constitutional Court, with 417 other death row inmates, challenging mandatory death sentences, and as a result, mandatory death sentences were abolished in Uganda. 


Pascal Kakuru

Inmate, Law Graduate

Pascal Kakuru remains in Luzira Upper Prison – Uganda’s only maximum security facility – and is due for release in 2019. Pascal’s commitment and hard work identified him as an ideal candidate for the University of London’s (UoL) International Programme.

He became the African Prison Project’s (APP) first student to receive a Law Degree from UoL in September 2017. Pascal now supports others as a Graduate Assistant to the prison-based APP Law Degree Tutors as well as becoming Editor of the prison Law Journal.