Barbra N.

1st Year Law Student

University of London/African Prisons Project

Barbra N., born on 14th May, is a First Year student of the University of London Distance Learning Law Degree sponsored by African Prisons Project, studying Legal System and Methods, Law of Contract and Public Law. She passed Criminal Law in May 2017 Examinations.

Of the subjects she studies, she enjoys Law of Contract most because she grasps those concepts best out of all the subjects when it is being taught, much better than any other subject to date.

Barbra’s interest in studying law arose because she wanted to help her fellow inmates when she realized that most of them were ignorant of their rights and the law. She also wanted to be a responsible person in the face of the law.

The thing that irks Barbra most about the law and society in general is the concept of the death penalty. Barbra sees that execution doesn’t afford anyone the chance for reform. Killing is not the solution. By allowing Judges to sentence people to terms of years, Barbra feels an opportunity is given for them to serve their sentences and then go back home changed.

The above aside, there is no legal rule that Barbra would seek to have changed. This is not out of belief but more from the practical realization that she has not read sufficient law to form an opinion on reform (in her belief) and of the law she has read, she is OK with the rules she has come across.

Studying law and studying in general has given Barbra confidence. Before her studies, Barbra never felt she could stand in front of a group of people and address them. Now she can. Additionally, Barbra feels that the law or at least studying it, has given her respect in peoples’ eyes because, now, people come to her for advice which they did not do before.

It is only in 2012 that Barbra first heard about African Prisons Project and then she really appreciated it for giving inmates the opportunity to study – she believes there is no other organization in Uganda, at that time, which was providing the opportunity for university-level education to inmates. Now Barbra thinks of African Prisons Project as a good organisation that helps the most vulnerable of people.