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Betty Mbattede

First-year Law Student


Meet Betty Mbattede a first-year student of the University of London Distance Learning Law Degree sponsored by African Prisons Project.

What are you studying?

I’m currently in my first year of the University of London (UoL) LLB - sponsored by the African Prisons Project (APP), and I’mstudying Legal System and Methods, Law of Contract, Public Law and Criminal Law.

How did you hear about APP?

I first heard of APP in 2012 from Susan Kigula, (recent Graduate and APP Ambassador). Then a fellow inmate and also a UoL law student informed me that she too was studying with you. Initially, I thought, everything about the organisation was African, and the focus would not be on supporting women as students. However, eventually, I got to understand that they helped women, men and children in prison by sponsoring them in their education.

What are your favourite subjects?

Contract and Criminal Law.

And why?

Being business-minded, Contract Law appeals to me because contracts govern everyday business life. Criminal Law became very relevant to me, given my current setting in prison.

Why did you choose law?

I feel that law chose me. I am passionate about equality and supporting others - I thought that I needed the legal knowledge to help myself and my peers. Most of whom come from humble backgrounds and can’t afford legal fees yet need legal representation.

What aspects of inequality would you like to see change? I feel that there is still great gender imbalance and discrimination against women.

What will you do after your studies?

I aim to help address this issue by becoming active in human rights, advocating for the rights of women, men, children and the poor.

Parting words?

Studying law and studying, in general, has helped me to shape my thinking. I now have focus because I see my future is so much brighter than it was before.
My studies have made me more organised too. Each day I wake up knowing that I have a schedule of reading to do and I stick to it.