General Elections: Inmates Eligible to Vote

Meet Alex Dimba, an inmate, a student and a paralegal at Naivasha Maximum Security Prison.

Alex Dimba

Alex is among the 6,000 inmates who are expected to participate in the presidential election on the 8th of August for the first time in history for Kenya. APP's Legal Aid Manager, John Muthuri had a conversation with him about the forthcoming general election. 

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What does this election mean you?

"This is an important point in our country as Kenyans get an opportunity to exercise their democratic right to vote for their elective leaders. It is an opportunity for us Kenyans to vote in good leadership and vote out the bad leadership."

How are you feeling that as an inmate you will be able to exercise your constitutional rights like any other Kenyan for the first time?

"I think as a country we are headed in the right direction. We were allowed to vote for the current constitution in 2010 and now we will be able to vote for the presidency. It was unimaginable in the near past. This is an indication of the government's appreciation of the inmates' views. We feel privileged and honoured and above all, we feel a sense of acceptance by the society."

What is the general expectation of the inmates?

"Key to the inmates is to have a leadership that will ensure that they able to access justice and that the power of mercy committee execute its mandate more rigorously. Inmates who have exhausted their appeals opportunities depend on the executive for any chance of going back home. We hope to have a leadership that will implement the above more frequently so that the prisons can be decongested." 

What is your message to Kenyans as we go to the polls on Tuesday?

"Kenyans should peacefully vote. We should shun violence as it won't help but destroy us. It is important for Kenyans to know that in an event they engage in clashes the politician will be somewhere secure. We must coexist as one big family; we shouldn't destroy what we have taken very long to put in place."

L to R standing: Meshack Otieno, Samuel Ndung'u and Alex Dimba L to R: Joseph Lodiaka and Steven Imbogo

L to R standing: Meshack Otieno, Samuel Ndung'u and Alex Dimba
L to R: Joseph Lodiaka and Steven Imbogo