Case Studies

Mothers, sisters, paralegals.
Stories written by the changemakers

Concepta Achitsya.JPG

conceptah akhitsa 

Conceptah has been able to gain and exercise her knowledge and skills as a paralegal. "I had a client who had an assault case. The individual told me that she had a fight with her friend for having a physical argument with her husband. When she came to me, I advised her to go forward with an alternative dispute resolution..." 

Elizabeth .JPG

Elizabeth awuor

Before joining APP as a paralegal, Elizabeth lacked self esteem. She felt that APP providing her with the legal education has empowered her and given her the confidence which she had never found before " I can stand up for myself without fear or fearing anyone". 

Ruth Kamande .JPG


Ruth shares her motivators. "Initially, I really did not know how the law worked or what the court required of me. But now that I have been given this knowledge, I am even able to help my fellow inmates with their cases. Especially the ones without advocates"

Sarah Karaba.JPG

sarah karaba

"After life in prison, I would like to be able to give pro bono services and achieve to be a barrister or solicitor. This will help me to share all the knowledge of justice to the marginalised and the poor irrespective of life backgrounds."

Pauline Mbugua (1).JPG

Pauline mbugua

Pauline talks about success stories that would not have happened without her legal knowledge. "I was elated. This has taught me that everyone who finds themselves in prison has a chance to live a better life. I need to be committed in order to achieve more results."