Christine N.

1st Year Law Student

University of London/African Prisons Project

Christine N., is a First Year student of the University of London Distance Learning Law Degree sponsored by African Prisons Project, studying Legal System and Methods, Law of Contract, Criminal Law and Public Law.

Christine is also a Prison Welfare Officer based within a Womens Unit having joined Uganda Prisons Service in 2009 following studies at Musamizi, Entebbe where she gained a diploma in social work.

The subject that Christine enjoys the most is Public Law and Criminal Law. This is so because Public Law has topical issue whilst Criminal Law is closely related to the nature of her work.

Christine gained an interest in studying law because I wanted to help the inmates and empower them legally after realising that the biggest percentage had no funds for legal assistance.

The greatest change that Christine would like to make to any law or society would be to have quicker and fairer justice. This is because everyone deserves fair justice as a right.

Studying law and studying in general has helped Christine gain confidence and better public speaking.

Christine first heard of African Prisons Project in 2011 and at that time what she thought of the organization was an organization that provided Functional Adult Literacy to inmates at Remand Prison. Now that Christine knows the organization better, she believes it to be one of the more active strategic partners that Uganda Prisons Service has engaged with and she hopes the partnership extends further and in greater depth.