Research and Insights Volunteer

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Location: Kampala, Uganda OR Nairobi, Kenya

Duration: 4-16 weeks

Dates: Ongoing/flexible



African Prisons Project (APP) is a charity registered in the UK, Uganda and Kenya. Our mission is to work with African prison services to make prisons places of positive transformation. We work to ensure that prisoners in Africa live with dignity, hope and a chance of a positive future, to equip prisoners to contribute positively to their communities, and to support prison staff in implementing reforms to achieve these aims. We work holistically to change the way that criminal justice issues are addressed in the countries in which we work and empower prisoners to drive positive change.

As part of this work, we are constantly trying to better understand the impact we are having, the scale of the problem still to be overcome, and the opportunities to innovate our legal provision and education services to make them the best they can be. To this end, there is the ongoing need for data and insights work, to better understand the current state of Africa’s prisons, the impact we are having, and how this can be improved and developed. 



  • Conducting literature reviews on assigned issues, proposing frameworks for how to understand and present this data

  • From this, drawing accurate and actionable conclusions that allow us to improve the delivery of our services

  • Where necessary, helping to coordinate primary and secondary research with a wide range of stakeholders, using bespoke methodologies for the prison setting

  • Collect, analyse and interpret data (qualitative and quantitative) from the research

  • Researching and creating research papers with actionable recommendations for African Prisons Project and relevant stakeholders, which may form the basis for future research, funding applications and initiatives

  • Monitoring and evaluating the progress of projects to ensure they are on target to reach the outlined timeframes and intended impact

  • Identifying potential local and international funders and writing in depth funding proposals to these organisations as required


  • Strong academic background and/or work experience

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills

  • Independent, capable and self-starting, able to plan and execute projects with minimal support

  • Professional and diligent in conduct

  • Empathetic, thoughtful, respectful and kind to all

  • Interested in making a substantive contribution to the lives of prisoners and prison officers in Kenya and Uganda


  • Volunteering periods are generally 4-16 weeks

  • The volunteer will work from APP’s office either in Kampala, Kenya, or Nairobi, Uganda, depending on availability of roles, and will be regarded as a valued full-time member of the team.

  • The volunteer will be assigned a line manager, and in addition to extensive inductions will have the opportunity to set out goals and expectations for the volunteering period.

  • Accommodation and food will be provided by APP. A fixed fee will be charged by APP, which will include accommodation, food, utilities and other running costs involved with housing volunteers. Flights are at the applicant’s own expense.

  • A fundraising commitment will be required of applicants, in order to help fund current and future projects in the prisons of Kenya and Uganda.

If you are interested in applying, please send a CV and cover letter to