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Conceptah Akhitsa 

Paralegal: lang'ata women's prison

I have been in prison for nine years. 

A few interesting things about me: 
1: I have skills in being a paralegal
2: I have access to justice
3: I can help my fellow inmates to have a fair trial

Three important things that I want to achieve when I am out of prison:
1: To have a good community
2: Educate those who need education
3: Help the needy e.g. orphans and the disabled

What happened as a result for you learning and having skills as a paralegal?
I had a client who had an assault case. She had a fight with her friend for hitting her husband. When she came to me, I advised her to go forward with an alternative dispute resolution (ADR). When she went to court, she talked to the complainant and they applied ADR. It was accepted and the case was taken outside of court. She went home. All this happened after APP gave me the skills to access justice, which is why ADR worked.

What do you feel APP has done for you?
APP's work has made me feel like an important person who has value just like others. it is good to know what is going around the world. APP has made me aware of my rights and access to them. With APP, I can make my fellow inmates and anyone who needs my help know his/her rights.

Family background:
I was born in a family of seven, two boys and five girls. One has passed on, so there are now six of us. My family is not well off, both my parents are at home (rural area) and are old. They don’t have a business. Before I came to prison, I used to work as a housekeeper in order to help my parents.

What would be the one piece of advice you would give to another lady?
I would advise that crime does not pay and that being in prison is not the end of your life. There is still life after prison. Through trusting in God and praying, having skills that will help you and using them to help other people who are in need of you.

What do you miss the most?
I miss my child and my parents since it is now nine years I haven’t seen them. Missing my freedom and also giving advice and the skills of justice to the community who does not know their rights and to those who are still in crime to know that crime does not pay.

But I am now happy through APP's services.  I have done my diploma in theology and other programs. Being a form three student, I appreciate APP.