Imprisonment comes at the end of a long chain of decisions that involves legislators, policymakers, the police, prosecutors and courts. The justice system has to be seen as a whole.

APP’s Secondment Programme was established to equip prison staff to bring long-term transformation from within the prison walls. Prisons in Kenya and Uganda are full of gifted and committed officers who go to great lengths to serve their communities but lack the opportunities to expand their talents.

The opportunity to observe international best practice is imperative to keep up with the changing judicial landscape from the inside out. Each year APP delivers two Secondment Programmes, which involves the recruitment of and delivery to some of East Africa’s most talented and ambitious prison staff, supporting them on their Justice Changemaker Journey (JCJ).

On the 11th of February 2018, we welcomed Betty Chepkosgei and Isaac Bwire Naderiia, from the Kenyan Prison Service, who began their 3-month secondment. 

Here's Issac and Betty's best bits [Week 11] on APP's Secondment Programme, for Secondees Issac and Betty!

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Visiting Worth Abbey in Three Bridges – which is a Benedictine monastery, a sanctuary where the Gospel of Christ is expressed through a community life of prayer and service. Tom Kambouris, a leadership and development professional presented a session on ‘Authentic Leadership’.

During the session there was the opportunity to review the journey so far and how we can use our positive and challenging experiences to be the best leaders. We also looked at and the qualities that great leaders exhibit.


At HMP Coldingley Prison, we attended a senior staff meeting on prison risks and were trained about understanding and upholding accountability ‘best 

practices’. It was incredibly inspiring spending time with the deputy head of education and understanding how the department operates. The pinnacle of the day was our roundtable discussion with two prisoners who spoke about the importance of religion in their rehabilitation.

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At the Prisoners Education Trust Academic Symposium Annual academic lecture we discussed Universities and Prisons working in partnership.

We ran a workshop on education within Kenyan prisons and spoke about APP’s various educational programmes in Kenya and Uganda, including the work of UoL, human rights training, libraries, health education, the master’s programme with the University of Westminster and learning opportunities with the Secondment Programme.