What We Do

Equipping senior leaders with formal education, legal training and exposure to global best practice to ensure that prisoners’ rights are upheld – and that everyone is entitled to a fair and speedy trial, with the facility to access bail and appeal against unjust circumstances.

How we do it

Legal education: A formalised sponsorship programme enabling prisoners and prison staff to study Law with the University of London’s distance learning programme. Through this, we can support the many prisoners that are denied a fair trial simply because issues of poverty prevent them from accessing legal support. Masters and postgraduate study linked to penal development and the provision of basic services such as education, health and access to justice are also available to senior prison professionals.

Leadership: Professional secondment opportunities for senior prison and criminal justice personnel to learn from UK prison management systems. Secondment programmes encompass our four key pillars of work and so support the delivery of new service models in African prisons.