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Learn the law, hope for freedom

Education gives Kenyan prisoners hope of redemption and release.


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Why former prisoners make the best lawyers.


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Morris Kaberia was on Kenya’s death row and feeling suicidal when he came across a program that eventually set him free.

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Alexander McLean is founder and director general of African Prisons Project, which provides high-quality legal advice, education and training to prison inmates and staff in Kenya and Uganda.


How Kenya replaced the 'baton with the pen' and transformed prisoners' lives - CNN NEWS

When Peter Ouko was sentenced to death for murder 20 years ago, he was sent to Kenya's Kamiti maximum security prison, notorious for being one of the worst jails in the world.

Susan Kigula BBC

Susan Kigula's death row to victory story – BBC NEWS

Susan Kigula was convicted of murdering her partner and sentenced to death, no-one could have imagined that she would study law and free not only herself but hundreds of others from death row.

Peter Ouko - TEDx

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From death row to law graduate

Peter spent 18 years in Kamiti Prison in Kenya, sometimes locked up in a cell with 13 other grown men for 23 and a half hours a day. In a moving talk, he tells the story of how he was freed - and his current mission as APP's Ambassador.

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Alexander McLean shares his hopes and aspirations on the BBC Today Programme with special guest editor Prince Harry of a new generation of commonwealth changemakers who uphold the rule of law and ensure the most vulnerable people have fair representation in court.


Watch APP in Rebel Education – a six-part documentary series looking at innovative learning models that are challenging the dominant ideas of education – particularly in challenging environments.

Episode five followed APP into Kenyan prisons to see how we're transforming the lives of prisoners through our education and leadership programmes.


Dream Chasers

Watch our web-series portraying the personal narratives of individuals as they move beyond incarceration in Uganda. Each episode exhibits a small portrait of an ex-prisoner as they navigate their release and re-integration.

Dream Chasers: Sserunkuma
The first episode follows the story of Sserunkuma, a 17-year-old student, who was released from Luzira Maximum Security Prison on 28th June 2019.

Read more about how APP helped secure Sserunkuma's release on our blog.

Watch Alexander McLean on PBS News Hour's 'brief but spectacular'


I am enthusiastic about studying law because I know that in the world we live in, it can be used as a tool for change and social transformation.
— Willy Mbadi, aspiring prison law student