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The Okimanyi? project uses sport and other activities to create awareness on key health issues among prisoners, prison staff and their families. Okimanyi’s main aim is to reduce the mortality rates of Tuberculosis, Malaria, HIV and WASH related diseases among children and young people (3-24yrs) in the Luzira Prison community.

APP has trained Village Health Team (VHT) members within the 4 prison units in Luzira and the prison barracks to support the health department to raise awareness within the prison community, as well as linking sick inmates to health facilities to access medical support.

World Health Day

“The right to health is the right of everyone to the enjoyment of the highest attainable standard of physical and mental health ... including people living with and affected by HIV...” UNAIDS

World Health Day is a global health awareness day. APP joined with The Okimanyi Project to support an event that would positively engage the community.  

In the week before the event, health awareness sessions on HIV/AIDs were conducted by the VHTs among the prisoners and staff. The campaigns were used to deliver information on transmission, prevention, stigma and positive living.

Luzira Upper Prison

On the day, APP’s University of London (UoL) students took on a visiting team of lawyers from the Bowmans Law Firm in a major football competition. The students emerged as winners!  

During the event, the OfficEr in Charge, who had also participated in the first half of the match, thanked APP for their tireless efforts to ensure the prison conditions are improved through a wide range of programmes which include Health, Education, Libraries and Sports.

Kampala Remand Prison

In Kampala Remand Prison, a hotly contested debate between inmates from the 10 wards was conducted under the motion, “This House Believes that HIV testing should be made compulsory for all citizens of Uganda”. It was attended by over 50 inmates and prison staff. 

The Deputy Officer in Charge delivered a message from the Officer in Charge Ms. Najjuma Prossy, who was unable to attend the event. 

Kampala Remand receives new inmates on a daily basis who come in with little or no knowledge regarding health issues like HIV/AIDs but by the time they go back to the community, they leave with a lot more knowledge than they came in with. I believe today, so many of them will know the benefits of knowing their HIV status. Thank you very much APP for the tireless efforts you are putting in to sensitise the inmates about their health.” Ms. Najjuma Prossy, Officer in Charge Kampala Remand Prison

Murchinson Bay Prison

Inmates of Murchison Bay Prison were engaged in volleyball, football and indoor games competitions. 

Officer in Charge Mr. Jacob Kivumbi commended APP for the great work the organisation is doing. 

First, it was the education programmes and now APP has trained VHTs in this prison to address the health challenges in the institution.” He said “From today onwards, I am giving VHTs some of my powers to ensure proper hygiene and sanitation is maintained in the Boma and the wards, in addition to the sensitisation sessions they are conducting. This is to ensure all inmates practice what has been talked about, especially hygiene. We all need a clean environment and it all starts with us as individuals”. Mr. Jacob Kivumbi, Officer In Charge-Murchison Bay Prison

A poetry competition was held for the children in Murchison Bay Primary School within the prison community, coordinated by the Young Health Advocates. This is linked to the sustainable development goals that ensure healthy lives and the promotion of wellbeing to all at all ages.

Luzira Women’s Prison

At Luzira Women’s Prison, the inmates were engaged in a netball match and music, dance and drama activities with health themes concerning HIV/AIDS. Over 500 female prisoners were in attendance at the event which was filled with ululations and laughter as they entertained each other. In her remarks, Ms. Nabunnya Stella, the Officer in Charge of the Women’s Prison commended APP for engaging the female inmates in activities that encourage them to have fun while learning about their health.