Our Justice Changemaker Programme

APP is committed to providing access to justice for those who need it most.

Through our Justice Changemaker Programme we provide training and services for prisoners and prisoner staff to grow in legal and human rights awareness, to learn how to support others with free legal advice and to study the law.


Why Prisons?

The number of people incarcerated is growing, rates of re-offending remain high and too many prisons are dangerously overcrowded and under-resourced.

In both Uganda and Kenya, as with many countries across Africa, there are inmates who will never meet a lawyer, unable to afford the most basic access to justice.

A large number of prison systems around the world are at a stage of crisis, the serious effects of which harm prisoners, their families and societies as a whole.
— UN Office on Drugs and Crime

Empowering Changemakers

We provide legal support and training for the men and women living and working in prisons across East Africa, placing the power of the law in the hands of the poor and ensuring equitable access to justice.

Through our Justice Changemaker Programme, we are equipping a growing community to provide accessible legal services to the most vulnerable and demonstrating an effective model of rehabilitation that is transforming lives.

Justice Changermaker Training


We offer a formalised sponsorship programme enabling prisoners and prison staff to study law with the University of London’s (UoL) international programme. Through this, we can support the many prisoners that are denied a fair trial simply because issues of poverty prevent them from accessing legal advice. Masters and postgraduate study linked to penal development and the provision of basic services such as education, health and access to justice are also available to senior prison professionals.

Whilst our students’ resources are very limited,  their determination, commitment and ambition enable them to do remarkable things.
— Alexander McLean

Justice Changermaker Services


We provide in-house training for prisoners and prison staff to become auxiliary paralegals, advocates and peer educators. This means they can provide simple, accessible legal services to those in need.

Imprisonment comes at the end of a long chain of decisions that involves legislators, policy makers, the police, prosecutors and courts. The justice system therefore has to be seen as a whole. That’s why we create opportunities for officials to visit prisons and see first-hand the transformation that is possible behind bars. We also provide platforms and forums for officials to discuss challenges that affect access to justice – supporting them in fostering a human rights culture across prison communities.

Justice Changemaker Journey


We provide professional secondment opportunities for senior prison and criminal justice personnel to learn from UK prison management systems.

Equipping senior leaders with formal education and legal training helps to ensure that prisoners’ rights are upheld - so that everyone is entitled to a fair and speedy trial, with the facility to access bail and appeal against unjust circumstances. This programme rigorously selects and develops prison staff who have a track record of excellence, with training, networking and leadership skills to become changemakers in penal reform in Africa.

The way APP has been operating in this area should be emulated across Uganda where they need the services that APP is providing.

It has been very successful in ensuring that people access justice and that the prisoners, and their rights, are respected.
— Honourable Justice Dr. Winfred Nabisinde, Uganda

Changemakers For Justice Reform


We believe that prisoners and prison staff should also play a vital role in justice reform.

Our commitment is to see these men and women, who have experienced the challenges of the justice system for themselves, become the ones who are empowered to ensure justice is accessible for all.

We work alongside prisoners and staff who choose each day to use their lives, and the resources they have, to help others. We have a responsibility to support these changemakers with a a platform to inspire others. Although their circumstances are challenging, many are committed to making the most of this opportunity. They are becoming leaders in their communities, empowered and enabled to work for change where it’s needed most.