Why prisoners?

Around the world prisons are in crisis. The number of people incarcerated is growing, rates of re-offending remain high and too many prisons are dangerously under-resourced.

Too often it is the poorest, least educated and most vulnerable people who find themselves in prison. In both Uganda and Kenya, as with many countries across Africa, there are inmates who will never meet a lawyer.

They are crammed into facilities not built for the numbers, with some operating at 300% capacity.

Conditions aren't much better for the prison staff, who live in barracks near the prisons and often experience similar conditions to those under their care.


What we do

We work alongside prisoners and staff who choose each day to use their lives, and the resources they have, to help and support others. 

We have a responsibility to support and develop these change-makers, and to give them the platform they need to share, inspire and motivate others.

We work across three key areas:

  1. Justice Changemaker Training
  2. Justice Changemaker Services
  3. Improving Prison Conditions

Take a look through our latest case for support, to fully understand APP's work and impact.