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Sarah Karaba 

Paralegal: lang'ata women's prison

I’m 40 now, it’s my 16th year in prison. I was alleged of murder. I was arrested back in 2002 and sentenced to the death penalty in 2005. Since then, I’ve been behind bars until 2009 when my sentence was commuted to life sentence.

The journey of being a prisoner started from my parents dispute due to our land. This is where my father sold the entire land to a land broker. After a long snail pace of hearings the land case was determined to be brought back to us while the land buyer had nothing to claim. One morning due to dissatisfaction, he confronted us to our homestead and a tug of war took place leaving him dead.

I am a go-getter. Living an optimistic life is progress. Being successful comes with a risk. I am an ambassador for peace, and I campaign about peace for it’s the bottom line of joy. Peace co-joins pieces. With peace, we can have hope for tomorrow if today we have stairs of peace.

As a mother, I do care. Once you educate a mother, you’ve elevated and raised a standard of entire world I do like to be a model. I like mentoring others as far is wisdom is the key to wealth. Mentorship comes with new ideas.

After life in prison, I would like to be able to give probono services and achieve to be a barrister or solicitor. This will help me to share all the knowledge of justice to the marginalised and the poor irrespective of life backgrounds. My desire is to also establish a legal center whereby I can be giving awareness sessions of law. Law is law is law. Every human life is underpinned by law. Even in heaven, I will reach because of prioritising the effectiveness and the impact of being honest. I would like to raise a policy to introduce basic constitutional rights at the primary education level where every child should know his or her rights without violation.

APP has changed my foundation. An eye opener that life can start at any time. Life is how we see it. Teamwork is also an essential virtue that never existed in me. Now I value my neighbour and appreciate all humans. Inmates are people too because two are better than one. Unity is always stronger as two heads are always the master key. APP have introduced and and established a legal aid clinic within our locality. I was given skills for free so to contribute freely also reaps rewards.

Today as a result of the new skills as a paralegal, I have a standing innovation. I have a new platform of life. I do assist my fellow inmates to do plea bargaining, bail and bond application, mitigations and submissions. Nothing that adds more in life than just writing an argument of a case within our constitutional right and judges agreeing with our points just like any other competent colleagues.

Confidence is another virtue. I don’t imagine of a good virtue in living confidently to myself, and also creating the same virtue to my fellow inmates such that they can trust me with their cases and get released from crime.

Responsibility. Since I came to embrace justice, this is a responsibility from the entire environment. Prison administration are obligating new responsibilities for me with trust - that a change is for all of us.

My touching success story was for my fellow inmate who was charged of robbery with violence. I wrote a submission arguing with law and felt like it was a dream that came to reality. There’s a chance for all dreams coming true with a reason and a purpose.

I’ve lived as a leader, family adviser in a family of six. Talented as a spearhead of empathy and resilience. A piece of advice to society is to read Romans 12.2 and to be a thermostat not a thermometer. Wherever you are. We are the ambassadors of this word and even on heaven.